Beyond Paint | School desk Makeover | Using a Pint

Do you have a small project in mind but don’t quite need a quart or gallon?  Meet our newest addition: The Furniture, Cabinets, Countertops and more Pint! This pint will cover 25-50 sq. ft of surface with two coats (25 sq. ft if you’re refinishing non flat surfaces such as cabinets). The pint size will complete 5-8 cabinet fronts and face-frames. If you’re applying it on a countertop surface it will cover up to 50 sq. ft., that equals to a medium to large countertop! This pint is available in all 13 of our pre-mixed Beyond Paint ® colors. In this video we refinished this 1950’s school desk to re-purpose it as a cool, kid’s homework area or a functional workstation. Before beginning any Beyond Paint ® project, make sure your area is clean, dry, grease oil and wax free. We recommend using a household degreaser, then allowing 2-4 hours of drying time between coats. 5-7 days is the optimal curing time and after 30 days you can maintain your surface with mild soap and water.