Antiquing Furniture Painted With Beyond Paint

Glaze is a translucent film that you can paint over any base color, giving a piece of furniture an entirely different look. Whether your end goal is to give e a large mirror or desk an antiqued look, or you just want that lovely sheen on your coffee table, antiquing it will get the job done. Glaze provides you with an option to create a new look with any piece of furniture, and it allows you to effortlessly transform the entire room with just one item. Applying glaze changes the texture and hue of a surface, which means your options are endless. Working great on most surfaces, glaze will give an even trendier look to anything you've painted using Beyond Paint

Glazing over Beyond Paint is so simple. You simply open the jar and brush on the desired amount to your previously painted surface and wipe off as much as you would like until you achieve the perfect look. If you wiped off too much you can just add more glaze and wipe off again.

To achieve a more distressed finish, try sanding areas of the piece that would normally show wear and tear and glaze over it.