Easy Application – No Stripping• No Sanding • No Priming

  1. Simply “mush” or stipple BEYOND PAINT® into corners, crevices, and hard to reach areas.
  2. Roll on flat surfaces (a 3/8″ roller is preferred)
  3. Allow 3-5 days to dry to seal the finish.

*Note: Traditional brush stroke techniques are not preferred when using BEYOND PAINT®


  • Your surface must be CLEAN, DRY, GREASE, OIL and WAX FREE. Use “Simple Green” or a similar product to remove all dust and grease.
  • BEYOND PAINT® is thick on purpose! It’s texture eliminates the worry of brush marks, provides a finish that conceals imperfections and offers versatility in application.
  • For a smoother finish, use less BEYOND PAINT®; apply it thicker for a more textured effect.
  • Make a sample! For example, do one drawer or door to completion before starting a large piece of furniture or a whole kitchen project.

Furniture, Cabinet and More Application

Countertop Makeover Application


ONE GALLON WILL COVER (approximate coverage with 2 coats):

  • 400 sq. feet for one coat, 200 sq. feet for 2 coats
  • 40-48 kitchen cabinet doors or drawers and surrounding frames
  • Entire queen bedroom set including queen headboards, 2 night stands, one double dresser, and a tall dresser
  • Entire bathroom including one large vanity, one large mirror frame and an accent table
  • Entire dining room including one table, 6 chairs, and a large hutch

ONE QUART WILL COVER (approximate coverage with 2 coats):

  • 100 sq feet for one coat, 50 sq feet for 2 coats
  • 10-12 kitchen cabinet doors or drawers, and surrounding frames
  • Up to one queen size headboard and footboard
  • One double bedroom dresser
  • One single or double vanity and mirror frame
  • One desk chair
  • One book case
  • One dining room table
  • 3-4 dining chairs (including seats)

Allow to cure for 30 days. Then you may clean surface as needed with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. To make challenging surfaces scrubbable and more durable, coat with our BEYOND PAINT® Multi-Purpose Sealer. Always test a small area first.

  • Coats: 1-2 as needed (Bright White: 1-3 as needed)
  • Drying time: 1-4 hours depending on thickness of application
  • Clean up: Good old-fashioned soap and water

BEYOND PAINT® is proudly made in the U.S.A.


Beyond Paint

Eco-Friendly, 3-in-1 Decorative Refinisher


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Beyond Paint

Eco-Friendly, 3-in-1 Decorative Refinisher