One Gallon Bedroom Makeover

Projects that would normally take too much time, effort and money are now simple using Beyond Paint ®. With just one gallon of Beyond Paint you can refinish up to 200 sq ft of furniture…

Countertop Makeover

Now you can easily refinish your countertops, vanities etc with our simple 2-3step process with the Beyond Paint Countertop System.Just choose your favorite countertop color (or any color within our…

Amno Box Video

In preparation for National Thrifstore Day, we wanted to share a quick DIY – How To Tutorial of an Amno Box Up-cyle; for those unexpected treasures you may come across.    We are refinishing an old ammunition box with a great wood finish. This DIY project is perfect…

Easy Cabinet Makeover with Beyond Paint

Home makeovers are now easier than ever with Beyond Paint! For less, time, money and supplies you can refinish your own cabinets, countertops, furniture and more. With just two coats…

Cabinet Makeover with Beyond Paint

Beyond Paint ® is a product loved by many bloggers in the DIY/ Craft/ Thrifting category and for a good reason! It is a product that they believe in and…


Beyond Paint

Eco-Friendly, 3-in-1 Decorative Refinisher


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Beyond Paint

Eco-Friendly, 3-in-1 Decorative Refinisher