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In preparation for National Thrifstore Day, we wanted to share a quick DIY – How To Tutorial of an Amno Box Up-cyle; for those unexpected treasures you may come across.  

 We are refinishing an old ammunition box with a great wood finish. This DIY project is perfect for that special little one in your life and we really wanted to do something fun and slightly over-the-top that is easy from start to finish. In this project we utilized our Beyond Paint ® Metallic Collection in Rose Gold and our Furniture, Cabinet and More paint in Bright White.  

The process was simple:  

-        Clean the surface with a degreaser like Mineral spirit or Simple Green 

-        Apply two coats of Beyond Paint ® Cabinet, Furiture and More in Bright White 

-        Mask off the areas that you want to paint the rose gold metallic color   

-        Apply first coat with a small brush to cut in and over small areas 

-        Then, use a roller for maximum coverage 

-        Let dry for 20 to 30 minutes 

-        Apply second coat after 2 to 4 hours 

-        Cut equal lengths of framing wire and attach to insight of lid and box 

-        Add your favorite accessories  

Just like that we’ve up-cycled an old ammo box into a cool and functional desk. If you are feeling inspired to try our DIY project, National Thrifstore Day is the perfect time to get started! For more ideas and paint for all your home projects. Visit Beyond Paint


Beyond Paint

Eco-Friendly, 3-in-1 Decorative Refinisher


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Beyond Paint

Eco-Friendly, 3-in-1 Decorative Refinisher