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Do you have an old mirror lying around that just doesn't fit with your style anymore? Well before you throw it out and buy a new one, think about refinishing it with BEYOND PAINT™. You can easily turn what used to be an unsightly frame into a piece that will go well in any room in your house with a little bit of paint and a coat of BEYOND PAINT™ Antiquing Glaze, if you so desire. Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any room in your home, as they create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is, and also allow people to check themselves out without running to the bathroom! If you don't have an old mirror suitable for refinishing, you should be able to find one for under $50 at a local antique or thrift store, or maybe even a neighborhood yard sale. This will be a much cheaper project than buying a brand new mirror, and it will be a great topic of conversation! Feel free to get creative with it too; BEYOND PAINT™ works great on many different surfaces, including the actual mirror. It might be fun to look for stencils at your local arts and crafts store and give the mirror a unique, classy look beyond just repainting the frame.

What You Will Need

  • Mirror with a somewhat thick frame
  • The BEYOND PAINT™ color of your choice
  • BEYOND PAINT™ antiquing glaze
  • Paint brush
  • Dry cloth

Getting Started

Before you paint the actual mirror frame be sure it has been wiped down so there is no dirt, dust, or other grime remaining on the surface. BEYOND PAINT™ works best if it is applied to a surface that is clean, dry, grease, and oil free. You do not need to sand or strip the surface; BEYOND PAINT™ can be applied directly. If you are stenciling directly onto the mirror, be sure clean that surface with a safe glass cleaner as well.


Once you mirror has been cleaned and dried you are ready to begin!

Step 1

Open your chosen RECLAIM paint (we used off-white) and stir it well.

Step 2

Get a generous amount of paint on your brush and apply it to one section of the mirror frame, making brush strokes until the surface is covered. Repeat this process to the other sides of the mirror frame. For this step I used the Off White paint, which worked great over the dark green wooden mirror frame. Once this coat of paint dried I took the Versailles paint color and lightly applied it over the Off White letting it dry for about 30 seconds then taking my rag and wiping it off. This gave the mirror a distressed look, and there really is no 'right' technique! Have fun with it!

Step 3

After I achieved my desired distressed look it was time to let the frame dry before applying the antiquing glaze. If possible, it is best to let the paint dry for several days. Before applying the glaze be sure to stir it well. Apply the glaze over the dried frame with brush. You can either allow it to dry completely as is, or take your dry cloth and do the same distressing technique, it's up to you! The antiquing glaze adds a whole new element, giving the mirror character and a completely different look sure to fit into any room in your home.

Allow your mirror to dry for several hours before handling it or applying a stencil. BEYOND PAINT™ easily takes and holds to the glass of the mirror, and it is also easy to get off if you make a mistake! Remember to have fun with this project and experiment, you really can't go wrong and will undoubtedly end up with a great piece for your home that will also serve as a topic of conversation amongst family and friends.


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