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UnknownCan anyone else relate to the photo? I would imagine many of you can. Dining sets tend to be an item that is passed down from one generation to the next. Often, they’re much loved for all the memories they stir up of happy times with the whole family was gathered for good food, good conversation, and hearty laughter. At some point, however, these pieces start to lose their luster as we journey on in life, and then one day we wake up and are hit by how outdated they look. But how could we ever get rid of them?

This was our dilemma. These chairs belonged to one of our own in the BEYOND PAINT™ family. They were her mom’s and were really special to her. She just couldn’t part with them, but she had no use for them as they were.

How about this for a solution?

Give them a totally new look and a new life with a little BEYOND PAINT™ and perhaps some new fabric.

I know you’re probably thinking that sounds like a big undertaking, but really it wasn’t. They were scrubbed down in the driveway on a nice spring day, so they dried out in no time. Then they got a couple coats of BEYOND PAINT™ using a big, fluffy roller and a chip brush for mushing the paint in those hard-to-reach places. Again, working outside in perfect drying conditions made this a breeze!

These chairs were part of a makeover for a covered porch. So we wanted to do something really fun. Each were painted a different color to create a playful, eclectic atmosphere in this outdoor space.

With the paint job done, it was time to tackle the seats, and let me tell you, none of us are upholsters by trade. However, this is one trick we can pull off, and so can you! If the new fabric you’ve selected can go over the current seat cushion fabric without show through, then all you need to do is cut your fabric to the appropriate size (err on having too much than not enough) and place the cushion upside down on the fabric. Then just fold it up and use a staple gun to secure, keeping the fabric nice and tight as you work around the cushion. Don’t have a staple gun? We’ve even done this with Duct Tape. No kidding! Never underestimate the power of Duct Tape, and now it even comes in colors and patterns.

We had a slightly different experience with our chair project. But it was still very do-able. Notice the beautiful patterns on the old seat cushions? They were hand-stitched by the owner’s mother. These had to be preserved. We carefully removed the fabric, using a pliers to loosen the staples holding it in place. Once the fabric was off, we had a pattern for cutting our new fabric. To be really whimsical, we went with a different but coordinating fabric for every chair. The foam cushion was also in bad shape, so we cut new foam pieces—always cut them a few inches bigger than the wooden board so they’ll be nice and full when you stretch the fabric over them.

And voilà! New, chic outdoor dining! Now they're updated, functional, and sensational as well as sentimental. I think this calls for a garden party!

This is also a great solution for when you need extra seating for guests at a dinner party. While these chairs were repurposed for life on a back porch, why not redo a chair to live in each of your bedrooms? They’ll serve as a useful occasional chair in their upstairs home, and when you bring them down for extra seating, you’ll have an adorable set with lots of personality that’s sure to be a conversation starter. You’ll love it when people ask where you got them!