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Changing out your hardware can go a long way in changing the look of your kitchen cabinets or an old piece of furniture. It’s almost as important the coats of BEYOND PAINT™ they receive. This is the final touch in any project and makes your kitchen or furniture makeover complete.

So how do you pick the right hardware?

Hardware is a tool that helps define your décor style. Are you contemporary, traditional, country, vintage, or eclectic?

For a contemporary or modern feel, concentrate largely on sleek and smooth designs. Stick with something more minimalist as opposed to going way out there. You may love a funky, sculptural piece of hardware that you found, but something like that can easily overwhelm a kitchen. Save those very unique contemporary styles for a piece of furniture that requires only one, two or three pieces of hardware. That’s the kind of piece that’s just screaming to make a statement with some cool knobs.


For a traditional style, you can’t go wrong with a round knob with some carved or beveled detailing. Have some fun and break up the monotony, especially if you have a large kitchen, by using complementary pulls or shell handles in addition to knobs. For a warm and slightly more rustic, cozy look, select hardware in a matte black or off black finish. Polished and satin nickel finishes are also very on trend and are great for a bright and fresh, yet refined look.

Timeless Looks

Finally for those of you who are more eclectic and like to mix it up, here’s an idea. If you have a section of cabinetry in your kitchen that you could paint a different color from the rest of the cabinetry to make it look more like a free-standing piece of furniture such as a hutch, then you’ll want to give it its own special hardware to help establish its unique character in the space. If you have two completely different styles of hardware going on throughout your kitchen, make sure that one of them is more basic, so that they don’t fight each other.  For example, if you have some sweet little apothecary drawers—pick out something petite and fun for those that still complements the rest of your hardware. You get the idea!


Again, where you can really have fun and be whimsical is on furniture. Bedroom furniture is especially suited for this because you want those rooms to reflect individual personalities. A dresser or a night stand are perfect for more colorful, sparkling, or out-of-the-ordinary knobs. Think of it as jewelry for your furniture!