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Elise's Inspiration

Elise's Inspiration

Have you ever thought that you could create a unified look from mixed furniture by using BEYOND PAINT™? Unifying mixed furniture pieces will instantly make the room look feminine, modern and ultra stylish.  You can combine all your furniture and make it look of the same set and texture no matter the surface by using BEYOND PAINT™. We took on the challenge with a college freshman: she inherited pieces from her parent’s house and we were able to give the pieces the same finish and surface.  These were the results:

For this particular project we used BEYOND PAINT™ in Licorice and Bright White. Thus, not only did we save our college freshman lot of money, but we also made all furniture to look as if they were from the same set.

We wanted to give a fresh and innovative touch to her room, but we didn’t want to use the typical one color process:. We wanted something classic and stylish, but not the Barbie doll room! We refinished with licorice and a bright white, because we found this combination to be feminine and elegant, and it also contrasts interestingly. These colors are basic and can perfectly combine with any décor without being basic. This way, they helped us create a balanced environment, in which furniture colors and decor fit perfectly, and to avoid falling into raucous combinations where everything seems out of context.

The pieces were two large closets with drawers, the kind you use to keep shirts, dresses, underwear and all kinds of clothes. These cabinets were a very important part of the bedroom, were very functional and really catchy. The two drawers had very different styles: one was of a dark wood with gold handles, and the other was white lacquered with black handles, but the paint was very faded and it looked yellowish. We painted the drawers in white and with some details in black, in both the handles and the sides to unify the colors and styles.

We made them look feminine, elegant and stylish and after using BEYOND PAINT™ we got incredible results, much better than what we had before: two mismatched furniture with a rather dated style.

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