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Frequently Asked Questions



Why is RECLAIM® different from regular paint?

RECLAIM® Is beyond paint! It is the only product (that we know of) that was specifically engineered to work on your cabinets, furniture and accessories with no sanding, stripping or priming whatever the surface is. It has more pigment for better coverage, uses the newest nano-particle technology, has 3-4 times as many contact points for better adhesion, and contains very fine colorant to avoid fading and allow UV stability (i.e. it won’t fade in the sun!).  Regular paints do not come close to the performance, versatility or durability of our products.

Q: What surfaces will RECLAIM® adhere to?
A: RECLAIM will bond to almost any clean, dry, and grease free household surface without sanding stripping or priming! These surfaces include wood (raw or painted in oil, latex, polyurethane, varnish, epoxy, whatever!), metal, formica, laminate, plastic, linoleum, masonry, tile, and even glass!  We even had a customer RECLAIM his refrigerator!

Q: What are the best tools to use with RECLAIM®?
A: We like to keep the tools simple for use with RECLAIM.  First use a natural bristle or high-quality “chip” brush and “mush” or stipple into crevices or areas that can’t be rolled such as table legs.  Avoid regular brush strokes with RECLAIM.  For all flat areas, simply roll on RECLAIM.  Our favorite roller is a high quality all purpose fabric roller (the fluffier, the better).  Don’t put any pressure on the roller and be haphazard with your application.  There is no need to be methodical or go in one direction.  RECLAIM is designed to make even the most novice of painters successful in application! All of the tools are included in the RECLAIM Cabinets, Furniture and More or Countertop Makeover Kits!

Q: If I don’t have to sand, strip, or prime, how do I prep the surface?
A: Be sure your surface is clean, dry, and grease free.  Products like Liquid Gold, Pledge and Murphy’s Oil Soap leave a greasy residue that should be removed for the best bonding on surfaces.

Q: What should I clean the surface with?
A: We recommend any harsh household cleaner like Spic and Span, Fantastic, or Mr. Clean that removes grease.  One of our favorites is Simple Green.  We use it at full strength with a scrubbie for best results.  If you suspect your surface has a waxy substance on it, vinegar is terrific for removing wax.

Q: Is RECLAIM® safe to use while I’m pregnant, on a child’s crib or around my children and pets?
A: Yes, RECLAIM is low VOC, non-toxic, and has no odor.  Therefore, it is safe for all of these circumstances.  We do recommend that you keep these products out of reach of children, and that you practice safe work habits and good common sense while using them.

Q: How long does it take to dry?
A: Dry time for each coat is 2-4 hours on average but allow for increased drying time in humid conditions.

Q: Should I use a topcoat over my RECLAIMed surfaces?
A: RECLAIM® provides a protective coat within its formula. If you’re worried about wear and tear or protecting a heavily used surface, like a floor or a daily used table, wait 3-5 days and apply 1-3 coats of our RECLAIM® Multi-Purpose Sealer. This will give added durability and weather resistance to any indoor/outdoor project. *If you are using our RECLAIM® Countertop product, our RECLAIM® Multi-purpose Sealer must be used in conjunction with it.

Q: What top coat do you recommend?
A: We recommend our RECLAIM® Multi-Purpose Sealer over our finishes.

Q: How long do I have to let it cure?
A: RECLAIM® will be sensitive to chipping until it has undergone an initial cure period of 2-3 days. Allow to cure for 30 days before routinely washing with soap.

Q: Why is RECLAIM® slightly textured?
A: It is slightly textured so you will not get roller marks no matter how much of a beginner you are. The texture also allows for versatility, hides imperfections and is easy to maintain (won’t show fingerprints).

Q: What if I want it to look more like regular paint?
A: Just roll on a thinner layer.

Q: Can RECLAIM® be applied with a sprayer?
A: YES! RECLAIM works with both 2.4 nozzle HVLP (High volume, low pressure) and airless systems

Q: Can I tint RECLAIM® to achieve my ideal shade?
A: Yes!  For each quart of RECLAIM, you can tint with up to 4oz of universal water based tints. We only recommend that seasoned pros and brave newbies go this route. Tinter beware! RECLAIM takes no responsibility if your tinted shade turns out incorrectly. But remember, RECLAIM colors are designed to be the “perfect” neutral palette; stick with those when possible!

Q:  How can I achieve other colors of RECLAIM®?
A:  The best way to achieve other colors of RECLAIM is to intermix our existing colors. This maintains all the integrity and properties of RECLAIM. It’s simple… get a small disposable cup and try it with small amounts of RECLAIM in approximate proportions.  For example in a paper cup with a plastic spoon, mix approx 1 part (or one spoonful) of Off White with 1 part (Or another spoonful) of Buttercream to make an even softer yellow color.

Q: What if I want a glossy finish?
A: No problem! Just wait 3-5 days after RECLAIMing, and apply your favorite high quality polyurethane in the sheen of your choice. (Please test this on a small area and be sure you like the sheen when it dries before doing an entire project). We also recommend our RECLAIM® Multi-purpose Sealer which will leave a satin sheen.

Q: What if I’m RECLAIMing a bumpy surface that has been painted one (or five) too many times?
A: RECLAIM is slightly a textured finish and will conceal minor imperfections in your surface.  However, if you want a smooth finish, you’ll have to sand down the bumpy surface as much as possible.

Q: Can a piece that has been painted with RECLAIM® be changed again OR what if I do not like the color/finish etc?
A: Just as RECLAIM can be painted over just about any surface, it stands true that you can paint over an existing RECLAIM surface using a different RECLAIM  color or application technique to achieve your desired look. If the piece has been used for an extended period of time or could have accumulated any dirt or oils on it's surfaces, wipe it down with an astringent household cleaner and then wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry before repainting.

If you desire to remove RECLAIM entirely, paint removal methods of sanding or stripping are required.

Q: How often does Chipping/Peeling happen and how can it be prevented?
A: On the rare occasion that chipping or peeling may occur, the cause is from a bad surface. No Sanding, Stripping, or Priming is required. However, the surface must be CLEAN, DRY, GREASE, OIL and WAX FREE.  Scrub the surface thoroughly with a good de-greasing cleaning product. We love Simple Green or TSP for heavy duty grease. Rinse the surface. Allow surface to dry completely (overnight is best) before applying RECLAIM.  Keep in mind that some “cleaning”/polishing products may leave behind waxy residues, which must be removed to ensure good bonding. Washing the surface with white vinegar will remove a wax buildup. Scrubbing with a de-greasing cleaning product after washing with white vinegar is still recommended.

Q: What do I do if I didn’t prep well and my finish is chipping?
A: If possible lightly sand the chipped area with 220 to 400 grit sandpaper and touch it up with more RECLAIM.  Then, let RECLAIM fully cure.  The bonding power of RECLAIM occurs as all the moisture evaporates.  As with all paint products, the full curing process takes several weeks.  A newly RECLAIMed surface may be lightly used within hours of receiving its last coat, but RECLAIM will reach its full bonding strength, durability, and hardness after approximately 30 days.  During the initial curing period, try to keep your RECLAIM surface as dry as possible. To protect a finish on a surface that did not get properly prepped, apply our RECLAIM ® Multi-Purpose Sealer.

Q: How do I prep my countertop?
A: Prep a countertop surface in the same manner as you would any surface you want to RECLAIM. We recommend any harsh household cleaner like Spic and Span, Fantastic, or Mr. CLean that removes grease.  One of our favorites is Simple Green.  We use it at full strength with a scrubbie for best results.  If you suspect your surface has a waxy substance on it, vinegar is terrific for removing wax. Allow the surface to completely dry before applying your first coat of paint.

Q: How to I achieve a 2 color “granite” finish on my countertop?
A: This finish requires 2 colors of RECLAIM®Countertop paint, RECLAIM® Countertop Flecks, and RECLAIM® Multipurpose Sealer. You will need the standard RECLAIM tools: a bristle or chip brush and all-purpose fabric roller (all included in the RECLAIM® Countertop Makeover Kit). In addition, you will want to pick up a sea sponge (not the kind of sponge you would find at your super market).

Roll on two coats on your base color. When this is dry, sponge on your second color, working in small sections. Sprinkle Countertop Flecks onto wet sponged RECLAIM. After proper drying time, apply 2 coats of RECLAIM® Multi-purpose Sealer.

Q: I want a 2 color granite finish for my counter surface, but I’ve never sponged anything before? Is there a special technique to it?
A: No special techniques are required, but we do have a couple tips. Wet your sponge with water before beginning to make the job easier. Also pour some paint on paper plate or something that will be easy to dip your sponge into. Lightly dab once on a clean area of your plate or on a paper towel to remove excess paint before sponging your countertop finish.

If you plan on using the Countertop Flecks as part of your finish, then you will want to work in small areas with your sponging. Sponge a 1’ x 1’ or 1’ x 2’ area of countertop and immediately sprinkle Countertop Flecks onto wet sponged paint to ensure that they adhere.

Q: How much drying time should I allow between my last coat of RECLAIM® Countertop and my first coat of RECLAIM® Multipurpose Sealer?
A: Allow a minimum of 24 hours for a RECLAIMed surface to dry before applying the sealer. Especially if working in humid conditions, 36-48 hours of drying time is preferred.

Q: How long until I can use my new RECLAIM Countertop?
A: After applying your last coat of RECLAIM® Multi-purpose Sealer, wait at least 8 hours or overnight before lightly using your new counter surface

Q: What is a sharp object (like a knife) scratches or nicks my countertop?
A: As with any counter surface, avoid direct cutting on your RECLAIM® Countertop. If a scratch occurs have no fear. Our RECLAIM® Multi-purpose Sealer makes repair work a snap! Our Multi-purpose Sealer was engineered with easy touch-up technology.” This means you can take a small artist paint brush and brush a small amount of Sealer over the scratch and watch the offending mark disappear!

If your surface suffered a heavy blow and a nick occurred that when deeper than the Sealer. Use a small artist brush again to apply a small amount of Countertop Paint and when that is dry reapply the Multi-purpose Sealer.

RECLAIM® is proudly made in the U.S.A.