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Fall is the time of year for gorgeous colors, and this is not just limited to the turning leaves and blooming flowers. When it comes to DIY paint projects, you may be looking for that pop of color that will bring new life to your furniture, cabinetry, or any other fun pieces that will transform a room. Or maybe you are more in the market for a classic color that goes beyond the usual browns and grays but won't have you reaching for the paint brush next season.

Starting in September, BEYOND PAINT™ will be introducing four additional, fun, contemporary colors that will give you room to take your DIY skills to a whole new level. These new colors still have the same air of sophistication, but with an added punch that will never go out of style. Whether you are looking to update your patio or garden furnishings, kitchen accessories, or spice up your living room, one (or  all!) of these trendy colors will do the trick. Not only will you have a hip new addition to your home, but you will be the talk of the neighborhood!

For those DIYers looking to branch out and add a splash of color to any room, our new Poppy color may be right up your alley. As the name suggests, this color is reminiscent of the beautiful Poppy flower and will give you that pop of color without taking over the room. Whether you are feeling bold and want to refinish a large piece, such as an entertainment center or bookshelf, or want to keep it simple with a Poppy-inspired planter or wine rack, this color won't disappoint.


A lovely shade of blue that inspires images of the ocean or a trendy cottage in upstate New York, Nantucket will bring that shot of color without overpowering the room. Both soft and deep, this color is subtle without being boring and would work well on a piece of furniture for the bedroom, living room, or even your kitchen cabinets. This color's classic nature gives it a desirable versatility, as it can be used on larger pieces as well as smaller items, such as end tables, lamps, or the table your record player sits on.


One of our more earthy colors, Linen has that hint of beige that makes it a perfect, neutral choice. With no fear of this color going out of style, refinishing your chosen piece of furniture in Linen will give it a whole new look without breaking the bank or clashing with other colors.


With hints of blue and the ever-popular gunmetal gray, our Pewter paint will modernize any room in no time. Whether you want to use it as an accent or main color, Pewter brings contemporary sophistication to everything it touches. Try painting a large mirror frame for the living room or your bedroom, or perhaps your dining room chairs are in need of a facelift.