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Can you believe that this dresser was pulled out of the trash and rescued with BEYOND PAINT™?!

For those who have to see to believe…
Like so many older pieces of furniture, it was a solid, heavy, quality piece whose only issue was the dreadful state of its stained finish. Most people would look at a piece such as this, and see nothing but hours upon hours of tedious, messy work—sanding, stripping, priming, painting, sanding, tack clothing, painting, sanding, tack clothing, painting, etc and topcoating. Whew…I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

The beautiful thing is that BEYOND PAINT™ changes the way you look all types of projects you have around your house, including this one. Simply scrub your project clean and take a few hours out of your afternoon to roll on a couple of coats, and voila, you’re done!!! Really, it’s that easy!

Here’s the play by play on this pretty piece.
Two coats of Nantucket. Each coat took less than 10 minutes to apply because it’s just a matter of rolling the paint on every which way and mushing paint into the crevices. No need to be methodical or perfect. That’s the beauty of BEYOND PAINT™!

For a more contemporary look, we wanted to paint the raised panel of the drawer fronts in our cool Pewter gray. Because this involved applying painter tape around the raised edge, we let the piece sit overnight to dry so we wouldn’t risk uncured paint peeling off with the tape.

Roll on one quick coat of Pewter, and carefully untape.

Now it was time to update the hardware with BEYOND PAINT™ shell pulls and acrylic glass knobs. Fabulous combo! This dresser was perfectly suited to show off two different styles of hardware.

But wait, we aren’t finished yet. We were completing this makeover at a show, and the venue called for a little extra something that would make it more country chic. So we rolled Pewter through a Stencil on the top of the dresser. The trick with this technique is to get most of the paint off the roller by downloading it on a paper towel before going over the stencil. This helps prevent bleed, as does the stencil itself, which has a sticky back. Genius!
Now this dresser is fun and fresh, totally personalized, and new once again!

Fun Fact: We only used about a 1/3 of a quart jar of Nantucket BEYOND PAINT™ and less than ¼ cup of Pewter!