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This is by far one of my absolute favorite home improvement projects to date and the best part was how quick and easy it was to do. If I could shout from the rooftop how much I love our new painted door I would, but since my kids would be totally embarrassed I will just shout it here!

BeyondPaint Painte Door 1

I am so excited about this project because it’s one that I had been wanting to do for such a long time, but was always too nervous to pick up my paint brush and go for it. Luckily I finally got up the courage during one of our many recent snow storms. Then, I couldn’t help but ask myself what took me so long?

I had actually tried painting a front door before prior to BEYOND PAINT™ existing and it was a major project fail. A few years ago I went out and purchased some black paint that was specifically for metal doors. After a few brush stokes I quickly realized there was going to be major prep work involved, along with many coats of paint. I also knew this was not a project I was ready to tackle because of the time and labor it would require. So, I ended up covering what I had started with primer.

I wanted to bring you a project like this using BEYOND PAINT™ because it’s such an easy fix to make your house look beautiful on the exterior or interior. Plus our front door was in serious need of an update!

I started by cleaning the door as is recommended. After it was dry I began applying the paint with a foam roller and using a small craft paint brush for the trim around the windows to mush or stipple the creviced areas that were tough to reach with the roller.

BeyondPaint Painted Door 2

After one coat of the BEYOND PAINT™ Black Licorice I knew this was going to be easy!

BeyondPaint Painted Door 3

It took two coats to completely cover the door. I usually lightly sand afterwards, but I felt the door looked great without it. To finish it off I applied a coat of the BEYOND PAINT™ Sealer for added protection and durability. It is recommended that you use the BEYOND PAINT™ Multi-purpose Sealer for projects that require extra durability because of wear and tear or for the exterior of the home to make it weather resistant and heat proof.

BeyondPaint Painte Door 4

While I was on a roll with this project with my paintbrush in hand, I also decided to try painting the beige border of my sisal rug which was not looking so good. This was so simple to do and it saved me from having to buy a new rug. I applied two coats of the BEYOND PAINT™ Black Licorice and also sealed it with the sealer. Now the rug looks better than ever and looks great with our newly painted door.

BeyondPaint Painted Door 5

This was such a quick and easy update and I am so beyond happy with how our foyer looks now!

Reclaim Painted Door 6